There’s a place we all go when it’s time to check your bags

We, The Thirsty Leaches would like to be your bellhop to that place. Come and see us to forget whatever’s buggin ya

Loud and fast seems to do the trick so that’s where we’ll start!

The Thirsty Leaches – Fenderskirts – Bad Choices


You tried laundry detergent, bleach, you’ve tried hitting them with a hammer, yelling at them, and still they wont go away! Leachstock is returning July 29th… and like a bad fungus that leaves a mark on your wretched soul…

The Thirsty Leaches are returning to forever stain your consciousness. Be there to forget everything else for a brief moment in your life….


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Some Facts About Us

  • 2000

  • 300

    Projects Done
  • 400

    Happy Clients
  • 100

    Awards Won

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